Business Blueprints:  We have remixed business plans as most standard plans offered by many are written with an investor and lender in mind, not the business owner.  We draft and create documents that are tailored to the needs, desires, and visions of the client.  The business is organized into relevant and focused divisions to eliminate the founder from being all over the place with their efforts.  The blueprint creates multiple streams of income for the business owner that works with the business instead of looking like a hustler.  It also provides a financial analysis and forecasting if the client requests it.

Business Conception Assessment:  Serial entrepreneurs or those who are considering creating a new business, subsidiary, or reviving a shelved business; we can provide an assessment of the marketplace with a detailed SWOT analysis for your team to consider in the final decision making.  As a neutral third party, we can provide a comprehensive and nonbiased point of view to support or non-support a decision.

Mini-Business Plan:  With the explosive growth of company creations across the nation, we recognize that many barriers to entry are now reduced or eliminated in starting up a venture.  While some only want a road map to get started or those who want to commence in the midst of a complicated situation (low income, felony conviction, college student, or working blue collar parent); we can provide a reduced version of our business blueprint to jump start your business without a significant investment.  This document is also ideal for those in new media (podcasting, internet radio, blogging or a campus based business).

Marketing Blueprint:  Marketing is the biggest component of any firm and often such waste efforts, time and resources by not having a plan or strategy on how to achieve tangible results. We look at the foundation, goals, and objectives of the business.  From our analysis and viewing of such, we start to look at comprehensive and realistic marketing solutions to market and promote the business.  Every marketing solution doesn’t work for every business so we look at ways of how a firm can get the most for their allocated budget.  

Mini-Marketing Plan: Just like our mini-business plan, we can create a mini-marketing plan.  This document is ideal for new media based firms, community organizations, events and small projects.  Vendor based businesses are ideal companies for this.  We necessary information to work for a company that has a minimal budget for their marketing and promotions of their business.  We also seek out the low cost to free platforms of how the business can get the word out about themselves.

Sales Strategies: Outside of basic marketing, a firm needs a strategy of selling to their customers and seeking clients.  This document creates an attainable sales goal and project along with various methods of how to achieve it using target marketing, demographics, the creation of unique sales proposition, territory analyzation, and competition summarization.

All documents are also ideal for college student organizations, non-profits, business associations/chambers and community organizations.  Special discounted rates apply

Other services, we offer outside of document producing are:

Business Accountability Advisement:  We assist people in getting things done and being honest with themselves.  Each week, we have a call that lasts about 30 minutes where they present to us their goals, objectives and developing a plan of action of how it will get done.  We don’t just rely on simple checklists or the honor system; we get into the weeds as we want real results not just looking good on paper. Individuals learn the basics of SMART goals, strategic planning, critical thinking and being intimate with their business.

Non-Profit/Community Organization/College Student Group Fundraising Plans:  Fundraising is the backbone of such organizations and we recognize that revolutions cost money.  It takes more than good intent and heart to get things done; it takes resources.  We can draft financial goals and develop plans of fundraisers that are in line with the mission and purpose of the organization.  We believe that all groups can’t sell candies or hot dogs!  Don’t spend too much time chasing pennies when you need dollars.

Non-Profit/Community Organization/College Student Group Program Development:  It is incredibly easy to veer off course of their original mission purpose and objectives.  We’re able to work with the executive director and board on developing significant and unique programming that carries out the mission of the organization that keeps things focused and measurable.